We create sustainable products to delight and inspire.

When Nuno began, the founders strove to create a sustainable brand that broke the barriers of the traditional boring and beige eco-products. As graphic designers and artists, they created a suite of products designed to be versatile, artful and always crafted with love.

Hello, I'm Ann.

Nuno began with a newborn in my arms and some mad determination.

As a color-obsessed graphic designer working in NYC, I spent 10 years building brands for Fortune 500 Companies, from fashion to finance. It was such a joy working in the creative field—but at the end of the day my creativity was being used up for my clients, and not fueling my own personal projects.

Additionally, my family and I decided to relocate from NYC to Utah, with a 2-year-old in tow and second on the way, I saw myself disappearing into the role of mother, and losing my identity as a designer and artist that I had spent so much time curating. Up late one night with my new baby daughter—I looked at her and realized that I wanted more. More for myself. More for my career. And, more for my daughter.

After months of creative exploration, my dear friend Cassandra and I founded Nuno with one idea in mind—to create artful, joyful, and sustainable products, designed to delight, and always earth-friendly. Cassandra is a kindred spirit, fellow designer, and magnificent friend. She is a huge reason Nuno exists, and a big reason we will keep going although she's not currently part of the day-to-day team.

Now, let's talk about robes for a minute. I spent most of my new-mama years in a robe. It was the only thing that fit around my changing body but also made me feel sexy. Even to this day I live in my robe at home as well as the office. #robesforlife. 

Be joyful. Celebrate Art. Wrap yourself in love. 

Artfully Inspired

We live on the bright and bold side of art and design, and love to collaborate with artists who have as much fun as we do. Every artist collaboration we launch will be a limited edition. So make sure you get your hands on them while they last!