You Can Keep Your Tape


Do you know what I can never find? Scotch tape. Seriously, where does it go? The night before every birthday, holiday and anniversary, it's nowhere to be found. Somewhere, deep within a fifth or sixth dimension of our apartment is a lifetime supply of unused tape that is invisible to human perception.

Despite my wife’s charitable, but obviously feigned appreciation for the many anniversary gifts she’s received wrapped in scraps of Christmas paper and duct tape, I’ve often thought there has to be a better tradition than wrapping paper. And there is.

The first time I saw a Nuno Wrap, it was like a light bulb went off.

I imagine it’s the same feeling that the person who first invented shoes felt: “This is amazing! I don’t have to step on these jagged rocks with my bare feet anymore.” Because make no mistake. The pain I used to feel after digging through that one closet for scraps of wrapping paper, cutting through it with scissors that are inexplicably covered in glue, realizing I cut it to the wrong size, realizing I don’t have enough paper to cut it to the right size, trying to figure out how to piece it all together without tape or origami skills—that pain. That’s at least as bad as stepping on jagged rocks.

Nuno Gift Wrap is the opposite of all that. It’s stylish, fashionable, easy to use, and it gives me instant design credibility that’s completely unearned. Now when I give someone a gift, there isn’t one part that you throw away and another part that you keep. (Happy birthday! I killed a tree in your honor.) The whole thing is now the gift. In fact, I’ve found that people are as excited about the wrapping as they are about what’s inside. And do you want to be the most interesting person at the next birthday party you attend? Learn how to say this word: Furoshiki.

“My gift? Oh, yes. It’s called furoshiki. It’s a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. What did you do? Wrap yours in paper? I didn’t know people were still doing that.”

We should probably talk about how to use it, because I’ll admit I was a bit intimidated about this at first. So I’ll give you very detailed, step-by-step instructions. Ready?

1.     Put your gift in the middle.

2.     Tie a knot.

That’s it—really.

Now, admittedly there are probably ways you can get more creative or fancy with it, and I suppose where and how you tuck the extra corners might make a difference to some. But honestly, if you just tie a regular old granny knot, your whole presentation is going to look a million times better than whatever you’ll be able to pull together with those scraps of leftover dinosaur-themed wrapping paper you found in the back of the closet.

So I’m fully converted to Nuno Gift Wrap. And you should be too. Do it for the environment. Do it for your love of great design. Or do it for your own sanity. And if you happen upon my missing tape—keep it. I don’t need it anymore.


Collin Bennion

Collin is a dad of three, a husband of one, and one heck of a writer for SullivanNYC.