Wrapping Paper Is So Last Season


We've officially hit November, where every store window and shelf is overtaken by strings of lights, glittering ornaments, and aisle after aisle of festive goodies. BOO one minute, FA LA LA the next (what ever happened to Thanksgiving?)

In addition to this seasonal assault on the senses, another holiday "essential" is also plentiful on store shelves. Wrapping paper. Wow, we've really gone off the rails here, it seems. Wrapping paper looms tall on store shelves everywhere, encased in shiny plastic to keep the paper crisp and neat.

And of course, each roll will wrap only a handful of gifts. There is never as much paper on that roll as you need, right?

So, you head to the nearest big box superstore for the jumbo extravaganza wrapping paper multi-pack. You get eight rolls of wrapping paper, what a steal (and only three of them are ugly). And you can’t leave the store without more tape and more curly ribbon and more gift tags too, and a box of cards you will probably never send. After all these purchases rattle around in the trunk of your car for a few weeks, you haul them inside and assess your gift wrap arsenal:

•    18 rolls of wrapping paper. Check.
•    2 rolls of tape. Check.
•    4 rolls of new ribbon. Check.
•    1 shoebox of tangled ribbon from the last 5 years. Check.
•    1 pair of scissors…dagnabbit, where did I put those?

After searching for too long, you settle for a pair of your toddler's safety scissors. They will have to do. You neatly wrap gift after gift in the paper, carefully securing each flap and fold with tape. You work your ninja skills with every inch of paper to find the right size for each gift.

And then there’s that one final gift—you’re short on paper so it's a bit of a hodgepodge of tape and scraps. Who really cares, as long as it is wrapped? All the paper is going in the trash soon anyways.

Wait, hold on a minute.

Did you eat too many sugar cookies? Or did you get a little carried away with the egg nog? Then why do you have that sick, icky feeling?

Perhaps that holiday headache is actually a cry for help from the sustainability elves. Because yes, it's true. After all is said and done—most of the wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon that was so meticulously used will go in the trash (or best-case scenario, the recycling bin). Yes, you snagged a few fancy velvet ribbons and that one sparkly gift bag you got from your cousin. Nice job! But still, you've filled not one, but two enormous trash bags with half-used wrapping paper. All your efforts were undone in just under 3 hours— your wrapping paper had a shorter functional lifespan than a house fly.

Here's the truth, and it’s not so jolly:

The facts are staggering, but there’s hope.

Imagine a Nuno-filled world where gifts are wrapped with something designed to be reused. Something equally beautiful. Something soft and fun and creative. No tape. No ribbon. No scissors. And, after each gift has been opened, that lovely beautiful fabric gift wrap that you so carefully selected is ready to be used again and again. It can be folded neatly and put away for the next gifting occasion—or it can continue to live it's long and fruitful life as a scarf, a festive table cloth, a dog costume or even a lunch sack. Now that’s truly gift wrap that keeps on giving.

For the special moments and people in your life, don't be afraid to gift boldly and change it up. You don't have to wrap every gift in a Nuno Gift Wrap, but any small change is like a high five to Mother Nature—and that just feels good.