The Great Unpackaging


A little love is coming from big brands as they reduce, reuse or rethink their packaging options. This is brought on by more than just the social and environmental pressures—it’s clear that it’s healthier for their bottom line, too.

Amazon's new gift packaging options.

Amazon's new gift packaging options.

Remember those days when it took a chainsaw and the jaws of life to get your kid’s toy out of it’s box within a box? Well, according to an article by Fortune, shops like Amazon are taking steps to create “frustration-free packaging” by using recycled materials and getting rid of extra packaging bells and whistles. With this more efficient (and smaller!) package, they are able to optimize their shipping experience and save a lot of dough.

"Wrapping paper has no value"

In addition to streamlining their packaging, Amazon announced in the 2016 Holiday Season that they were no longer providing wrapping paper as a gift wrapping option. “Wrapping paper has no value.” says Kara Hurst, Amazon’s director of worldwide sustainability and social responsibility. And we agree. The lifespan of wrapping paper is shorter than that of the pesky house fly (and much worse for the environment). It’s time to ditch the stuff for smarter and equally beautiful options.

Speaking of beautiful, another brand that’s making waves by creating less is Lush. This heartfelt cosmetics brand has taken the eco-friendly (and zero waste!) movement by storm with their friendly staff, vibrant bath bombs, and handmade organic cosmetics. According to their website “When we can’t eliminate packaging completely (like in the case of shower gels or gift boxes), we use only recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials, like our post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and biodegradable bags.”  We’ve been gushing over Lush for more than 10 years and have always admired them for their “naked” appeal (and happy, fizzy baths). Since then, they’ve definitely proven that heart, love, and organic products made by hand will always be in style—not to mention, able to support 820+ shops in 50 countries across the globe!


Now let’s take a peek behind the scenes at a little-known (but widely used) company called EcoEnclose. For those of you who spend too much time online in the odd hours of the night shopping for things you may or may not need—you’ve probably encountered a package shipped in something made by this company. EcoEnclose has discovered innovative ways to reduce waste and provide recycled and biodegradable packaging options for pretty much everything—boxes, tape, you name it. Not to mention, they’re a pleasure to do business with—we’re proud to use their awesome packaging in every order we ship from Nuno headquarters.

Here at Nuno, we also believe it’s possible to gift beautifully, have fun, waste less, and do good. We know there are tons more amazing businesses out there, large and small, who are trying to do their part—and it’s our job as creators and consumers to support the brands who are making a difference. Even if it is just a virtual high five.

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