Nuno Saves Christmas Eve


Real photos from Sara, showing off her Nuno "stash".

We love our customers. And we love your stories.

Especially stories about people discovering the JOY of transitioning from wrapping paper to a more sustainable option. Here's what Sara had to say about her first experience with Nuno Gift Wraps for the holidays:

"Thanks to Nuno for transforming Christmas Eve!

Our Christmas Eve extended family tradition concludes with wrapping presents. Lots of wrapping. 

After kids are in bed we put on some coffee, pull out heavy bins of paper and ribbon and scissors and tape and make a big old mess. We clean it up, fall exhausted into bed, and the next morning make a big old mess again. We generate several bags of paper trash at the end of it all.

Until last year, when we pooled our stash of Nuno Wraps and had the fastest, easiest, cleanest, most enjoyable Christmas Eve wrapping party ever! 

We were blown away with how much more energy we had to chat, drink tea, and nibble on Rudolph's carrots. We also freed up shelves of storage in wrapping supplies! Nuno Wraps were an investment for us, one that will keep paying back for Christmas Eves to come, not to mention family birthdays throughout the year. 

Thanks Nuno!"

— Sara in Salt Lake City

Sara, we salute you!

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