Nuno New Year


Let’s forget about resolutions—meaning the harsh pressure we tend to put on ourselves to become a perfect version overnight.

We’re a fan of the one-word theme. For example,

Enter the one-word theme for your year. An established idea found all over but brought to us first by the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast. Taken from her latest episode on the subject:

Choose a one-word or one-phrase theme for the year.
In the past, I've had themes such as “Upgrade,” “Bigger,” “Lighten Up,” “Re-purpose,” and ”Delegate.” This year, my word is "Growth.”

The one-word theme gives a subtle focus instead of a daunting list, (though go for a daunting list if that’s what you’re into). As long as you’re showing yourself enough grace and kindness, there are plenty of ways to make goals. (In fact, we love Amber from Damask Love’s 100 Doable Goals.)

For Nuno as a team, our 2019 word could easily be “Growth” after a 2018 of launching NeoSilk, a trip to NYFW, the first artist collab and a brand new collection, but our official motivational word for 2019 is…


Take 2019 by the horns.

For Ann, her 2019 word is Fun. Rightfully so. For me, Megan, the writer of this post, I have two words. Confidence to create the life I want and Explore to find out what it is I want.

We hope 2019 brings you growth, fun, confidence and adventure and dreams accomplished and created.


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