Nuno Does The Neck Scarf



Let's talk scarves. Ah, the scarf. Jaunty neckerchief. 

I never think of buying scarves until I see someone walking in the West Village with a cool neck knot twirled off to the side, and at that point I always make a mental note: buy more scarves! Only, when I’m in a store, I think, I’m not buying scarves! There are more important things to buy! Like socks! Ah, but therein lies the mystique of the scarf! Alluring because it exists merely to adorn, an accessory thought of less than earrings or necklace, and with that touch of Hepburn for which we all long. 

Enter Nuno! Nuno has a pretty pattern, a lovely soft silky feel that’s just a tad more special than your man’s cotton bandanas, and a simple little roll and knot will take you from zero to Grace Kelly in less than sixty seconds! Here’s how:

1.     Buy Nuno wrap intending to wrap gift for friend

2.     Think hey, this is pretty, what if I kept it for myself

3.     Look in the mirror and realize your jeans and T-shirt are lonely

4.     Roll Nuno wrap and tie around neck

5.     Buy another Nuno wrap so you can finally wrap that gift for friend

See? Easy peasy.

Below are three sweet and simple knots you can tie in less time than it takes to brush your teeth, decide which shirt is clean enough to wear, or do pretty much anything else you normally do before locking that front door. 


1: The Natalie Wood. 

Remember Natalie? She was classy. So are you.


2: The Annie Oakley. 

Sure, different views on gun control, but you’ve got scarves in common.


3: The Angela Lansbury. 

Go ahead. Turn on Murder She Wrote. You’re welcome.  



Andrea Boerum

Andrea is a writer and stylist living in New York City. Also, she has mermaid hair—enough said.

Follow her delightful stories everywhere @andreaboerem


Photography by Madeleine Johnson


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