Let's talk Utah fashion. Seriously.


I've been spoiled. Yes, it's true.

After spending 10 years in New York City, and a few of those years working for the fashion powerhouse MAC Cosmetics, I had my fair share of opportunities to see the best (and worst) of fashion. I remember the days where I would step into an elevator, dwarfed by gorgeous stick-like humans who were prepping for NYC Fashion Week and just hope that the elevator doors would open at my floor next. I even had the chance to see a few shows in the Tents at Bryant Park (when that was still a thing). Zac Posen, you still have my heart.

Moving to Utah, I wasn't expecting much in the way of fashion. Let's be honest, I was slightly relieved that I could head to the grocery store in my jammies without much judgement. Just as I was headed out the door in my socks and sandals (haha, NEVER!) I stumbled upon an event that I was never expecting to find here.

Utah. Fashion. Week.
Wait, that's a thing?

Yup. Turns out it is (and a pretty great thing at that). Half expecting the event to be held on a local hiking trail, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that UFW was put on with as much sophistication and attention to detail as it's large fashion sisters of Paris, New York and London.


Gorgeous location. Check.
Sophisticated branding. Check.
Up-and-coming brands with AWESOME clothes. Check.

Once we saw what UFW had to offer, we couldn't resist being a part of it all. Gift wrap as fashion, you ask? Yes! Not only are our patterns inspired by the beautiful and artistic world around us, but since they can be WORN, WRAPPED and WALKED down the runway... why not! We've fallen in love with using our wraps as a personal accessory in addition to being the "Best Dressed" gift at any party.

There are a handful of other things that UFW had to offer that I wasn't expecting. Sure, there were the expected half-gazelle/half-women models who were walking the show. There were also beautiful humans with beautiful human bodies. Live illustrations by the lovely Evelyn Haupt. And an aesthetic that that looked beyond the runway into the closets of people of the likes of, well, me. (Nani Swimwear, I'm looking at you)

Also, the highly-curated Pop Up Shops were a really nice touch. I felt honored to represent Nuno and got a chance to meet some wonderful designers, brands and female entrepreneurs here in Utah. We had such an amazing response to our brand and product - and once people realized how many fun ways they could use a Nuno Wrap, they couldn't get enough.

Here's a look at what was happenin' (besides large doses of coffee).

There here a few of the other brands at the UFW Pop Up Shops that are definitely worth mentioning.

Shine on, you amazing humans:

Anne B Designs

Each piece is handcrafted locally by refugees. Also, they're as beautiful as they are useful.

IG @annebdesigns


Taking sophisticated lingerie to the next level without exorbitant prices.

IG @mentionables_

Barri Handbags

A portion of each purchase is donated to help end human trafficking. Also, the bags are like visual chocolate eclaires.

IG @barri_handbags

Elizabethjane Clothing

Modern, chic and badass clothing for women. I want everything.

IG: @elizabethjaneclothing

So, lesson learned? Utah has fashion. Pretty great fashion. And we need to do more to support it.

So tell all of your friends. Buy a ticket. Fall of 2017, get ready. Here we come!