How to Tie a Skinny Scarf


Our new collection is full of bright and fun pieces to spice up your life, but beyond being cheery, each piece is designed to be ultra versatile.

The most multitalented? The skinny scarf. Here’s why.

First things first. Skinny scarves are made from our custom NeoSilk™ textile. Always crafted from 100% recycled water bottles and our small way to treating Mother Earth with a day off.


The Classic Bow

Nuno skinny scarves come in Flora and Blank Slate, which is a cool black color with white heart details on the end. This look suits a button-up shirt perfectly and is as simple as wrapping the scarf around your neck once (or twice, depending on the length you like) and tying a perky bow. Straight up Mary Poppins status.


Braid It In

The extra length in skinny scarf leaves lots of extra room for creativity, including sprucing up a simple braid. Take the middle of the scarf and place it in the center of the front of your part and bring the ends around back. Put the ends in two of the three strands of the braid and work your way down and tie in a bow. Depending on you length of hair, it can be easier to have a friend do it for you. A perfect slumber party activity.


The Wraparound

This look is ultimately the easiest to pull off. Take your scarf and wrap once (or twice) around your neck and go. It adds a little something to your basic jeans and sweater look. With a bold earring to finish it off? Effortless chic mastered.

We’ve mentioned only three ways to use a Nuno skinny scarf and there may be endless ways to use them. (Ribbon for a gift, headband, guitar strap, jump rope, curtain tie, belt, a thick bracelet, horse bow tie or old-fashioned school book strap.) The only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself.