How to be an Eco-Friendly Feline Superstar


So I know what you’re thinking: cats don’t exactly have a reputation for being eco-friendly. Between pooping in flower beds and killing backyard birds, cats are much maligned for their negative impact on the environment. But I’m here to change things, and to show that cats really can be sustainable citizens of the world.


I was named after Walter White in Breaking Bad, but of course I’m gray and not white. And actually if you look it up in cat books, technically my fur color is lavender. But I digress…

In addition to my physical beauty and camera-friendly jawline, I was selected to be the Nuno spokescat is because I, like the founders of Nuno, have a strong commitment to reducing my carbon footprint. My footprint is very adorable, but I want to minimize it nonetheless. Here are a few of my eco-cat tips and tricks.

I wouldn’t be caught dead using clay-based kitty litter.

Clay-based litter is cheap and readily available in stores, but all that clay comes from strip mining. Clay-based litter doesn’t biodegrade in landfills, and manufacturers mix yucky chemicals and fragrances in there that irritate my sensitive paws. I prefer to do my business in cat litter made from natural ingredients like walnut shells, or wheat or corn by-products. The eco-litter costs a little bit more but is biodegradable, flushable, and it works great!

I accessorize exclusively with Nuno.

None of those ridiculous cat costumes for me. If I feel like making a fashion statement, a small wrap works beautifully as a bandana, a headscarf, or a poncho. And when I strike a pose to take a nap in the sun, there is no better cat mat than my human's favorite Nuno Gift Wrap. You should know that I modeled for the cat drawings that ended up in the Whiskers print, so that one is my favorite of course. Although I do look awfully handsome laying on Prism as well.

I am an indoor-only cat.

If a cat peed in your garden and killed your petunias, it wasn’t me. And if somebody left a dead mouse on your doorstep, that wasn’t me either.

I maintain a healthy weight.

I can’t help being an obligate carnivore (sorry vegetarians). I have to eat meat (in the form of cat food) so I just try not to eat too much. I stepped on the scale last week and I weighed in at a lean, mean 11.5 lbs. Under all the fluff and attitude, I am surprisingly nimble.

I buy in bulk.

Remember how back in the day Al Gore told us to buy products with less packaging? Well he did. So I buy my cat food, cat litter, and catnip in the largest amounts I can carry. The big packages last a long time and are easier on my budget too. The empty bags and boxes are roomy enough to make super good hiding places, ideal for sneak attacks.



I look forward to sharing my cat wisdom in future Nuno blogs, so please stay tuned. Wishing all my admirers a happy holiday season. Be nice to cats, even the grumpy and less attractive ones.

Yours truly,