Gift Wrap Tying 101: A Basic Box


You don't have to be a card-carrying craft perfectionist to make your Nuno Gift Wrap look awesome. Really, all you need are two opposable thumbs. Got those? Great, here we go.


Wrap size needed: Any
Difficulty level: Easy

This wrap may be called "basic", but it's anything but. This is an excellent wrap for almost anything with 6 sides—something square, a few books, a box of chocolates (or two!). It's a great place to start when you're wrapping on the fly. It's even great for carrying books around like they used to do in ye olden times.

A few things to remember to get your wrap to look it's best:

  • A roll, perhaps: Very thin or very flat items may need to be rolled several times to make sure the fabric fits properly.
  • Get tuckin': After your knot is tied, you may find some loose fabric near the corners, simply tuck that under and—perfect!
  • To hang, or not to hang? Some people like the corner of fabric to hang over the front of the gift. Some people don't. There's no right answer. If you don't like it, just tuck it under the bow. Easy as pie.

Nice work! For more tools and ideas for how you can use your wrap, check out How to Wrap.

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