A Eulogy for Catharine DeLong


We gather today to celebrate the life of Catharine DeLong. Her departure from this life was not unexpected. Everybody does it. She is survived by daughter Ann Hintze, two grandchildren, and of course, Nuno Gift Wrap. 

Of all her skills, Catharine was best known for wrapping a package creatively. She was, however, slightly picky about other people's bow tying skills—the florist, the gift wrap guy at Macy’s—very few met her high standards. ”Are you kidding me! Who trains these people?” She was very clear about the need for the loops on a bow to be symmetrical, for the shiny or right side of the ribbon to be facing outward, for the ends to be cut at an angle, and at slightly different lengths.

She abhorred pre-made bows like the kind purchased by the bag. The use of too much tape on a gift was inexcusable.

It was a personal victory for Catharine to successfully wrap gifts without using any tape at all. Setting the gift diagonally on a piece of paper was one of her best kept secrets. Using fabric ribbon was another. Employing the use of feet to hold the paper in place and tie the bow simultaneously, was a common occurrence. Catharine was heard bragging about her skills and explained, “It helps to be a little bit OCD.” 

Recycling and repurposing were also important to Catharine. She loved shopping at garage sales and thrift shops. She believed ardently in not bringing more stuff into existence. “We have plenty of stuff - let’s find ways to tastefully and creatively use what we already have.”

Catharine passed her skills (eccentricities) on to her children. Her proudest day was when her daughter, Ann, gave birth to Nuno. “The grandchildren are kind of cute, but pale in comparison. to Nuno.”

“Cool fabric gift wrap that’s reusable - now that’s an accomplishment!”she said.

Catharine has asked for a green burial. Her body will be enfolded in a giant Nuno Gift Wrap (Teal Whiskers, of course, as she always appreciated a good cat), and closed with silk ribbons featuring only properly executed square knots. In lieu of flowers please shop at nunowrap.com. Catharine would want you to go green, giving Mother Nature a break, and gifting artfully.


Catharine is not actually dead. But, she does have a dry sense of humor. You'll find her alive and well, tying her Nuno Gift Wraps with perfect square knots, and playing her harp for individuals at the end of life. To learn more about Catharine or music-thanatology, visit delongharp.com