8 Ways To Love Your Nuno At The Beach


Water, sun and sand are no friends to wrapping paper, but with a Nuno Gift Wrap it's a whole different story. See how your Nuno can transform into the ultimate beach accessory.

Instead of giving each other things last Christmas, my family decided to gift each other a family beach vacation. We decided to wait until after the holidays for our getaway. And so for Christmas, each family member received a box of beach goodies under the tree, wrapped with love in a reusable fabric Nuno Gift Wrap.

And so a month later, in the dead of winter, we all jumped on a plane and found ourselves surrounded by sun, soft sandy beaches, and a crystal blue ocean. The rest that follows are fond memories of our trip and the many ways that a Nuno (our friend, Prism Stone) became so much more.

1. Wrap yourself in a Nuno sarong.

Simply fold your wrap in half to create a triangle, and tie! Besides being comfortable and stylish, it's also not afraid to jump in the ocean, and dries in a jiffy. 


2. Stay cool in prismatic Nuno shade.

Sometimes you just need to take a break from the sun, and the shade is not where you need it to be. A large Nuno Wrap saves the day—just tie it to the nearest palm tree (or beach shanty) and bask in the shade.

3. Turn heads with a chic Nuno head wrap.

Some people wear hats, but you wear Nuno. Starting with wrap at the back of your head, gather the remaining fabric to the front or side and twirl. Continue twirling ends, wrapping it like a bun and fastening underneath bun. Simply chic.

4. Tie up the ultimate beach bag.

Throw in your sandals, water bottle, and book and go! To create a bag, first fold your wrap into an inside-out triangle (pattern on inside).  Tie knots on the two outside corners and turn wrap inside out (pattern on outside). Finally, tie handle at your desired height, and be on your merry way.

5. Take a siesta on your Nuno.

When you need to take a break on the beach and don't want sand in you-know-where, Nuno makes an excellent beach blanket. But chances are, you'll need something to weigh it down from the wind, and some bananas for the iguanas who go crazy for Prism Stone.

6. Refresh your drinks with a Nuno coozie.

Whether your poison is Perrier or Dos Equis, a carefully wrapped Nuno will keep your tasty beverage cold and looking fabulous.

7. Beautify your space.

Let's face it. Sometimes you just don't know how clean a table is that has been sitting out in the elements for ages. Nuno to the rescue! Besides providing a clean surface as a table cloth, it makes the ordinary meal spectacular. Easy to wash, too!

8. Make your bad hair day good again. 

Inevitably, there's moment at the beach, when your hair has seen better days. A Nuno can transform unsightly locks into a winning presentation. Pull hair in a low pony tail, and then fold Nuno to your desired width and tie in the back with ends flowing.


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