Two Ladies. One Mission.


We were on the hunt. Searching for a canvas, a unique place for us to put our creative minds to work in a completely different way.

Cassandra and I met in 2006 at a small agency in New York and began a long history of friendship in the city—we worked late together, problem solved together, ran our first half-marathon, and even skydived together. After leaving that first agency, a few years and a few jobs later, we found ourselves once again working side-by-side—doing great work and working with great people. We were creating innovative materials for our Fortune 500 clients, helping them build their brands and celebrating their successes. But in the back of our minds a small seed began to grow. How might we use our creative superpowers differently? What if we were calling the shots? What would we do?


A better world for all.

Beginning to grow weary of the city—endless subway rides and overpriced coffee—Cassandra was the first to leave New York in 2013. She didn’t look back, and quickly began dedicating her creativity to businesses and causes that make the world a better place and seeing how far her new-found freedom would take her.

So with a laptop in hand, a new set of shiny red wheels, and her two dogs, Cassandra hit the road in search of adventure.

Instead of working 50 hr work weeks, she worked on her own terms, with plenty of time for self-care and exploring. The world became her office—as she curiously bounced up and down the West coast, embracing city after city and discovering her desire for a place that would provide access to culture, commerce, sunshine and mountains. After two years traveling, Cassandra finally put down her roots in beautiful Boulder, CO. With more time on her hands not planning her next destination, Cassandra started to explore creativity for herself, painting and creating art with no particular goal other than the sheer love of making art.


Between a rock and a hard place.

Motherhood. Ah, the joys. However, being a mom in New York (or America, for that matter) is really hard—the main reason being a lack of support for new moms and their families. In 2013, my husband and I welcomed first child. In preparation, we were able to save enough money that I could take 6 months off work for maternity leave, which is practically unheard of. And when I became pregnant with my second child, we looked at our finances (gasp) and realized that taking that same time off would be impossible.

We simply couldn’t afford it—I wouldn’t settle for anything less. Something had to give.

So, after ten glorious years in New York (and too few subway seats offered to my weary pregnant body), my family made the decision to leave. It would have been nice for us to make this decision before I had to move across the country 7 months pregnant! A heartbreaking breakup with a slightly abusive city. At least, that’s how it felt at the time.

Salt Lake City became home for us, closer to our families and less financial strain. Between walks in the mountains and trips to Costco, I was taking care of my son and maintaining a steady stream of client work—waiting for the arrival of my daughter. She was born in February of 2016—and I became ever conscious of my desire to create something big. Something completely new. Something my children would be proud of.


Back In Sync

So that brings us to April of this year. Cassandra and I began to make art on a weekly basis, sharing our creations and continuing to be inspired by each other. It wasn’t long before we began to wonder, how might we turn this passion into something bigger? We knew we loved working together. We knew we could handle the stresses that would come at us—we’d been through it all before. In many ways, we knew each other better than most married people, with less fighting even.


Our Big Idea

So with that the search began. The search for a canvas, an opportunity, something that would make the world a little better than we found it. And then it hit me like a giant piece of sushi—furoshiki.

Furoshiki, cloth used for wrapping gifts, had been in my family as long as I could remember. My father lived in Japan back in the 1970s and we had a variety of souvenirs from his time there. My mother, sister and I carried our scriptures to church each Sunday wrapped in a beautiful furoshiki—and I would often take the ever-in-style bandana and do the same. It was simple. It was beautiful.

Then we asked ourselves - why don’t more people know about this? Has the world fallen out of love with fabric?

We believe not—reusable grocery bags and totes are everywhere and hipsters are using bandanas for pretty much anything. Why not gift wrap? Why not stylish and repurposable gift wrap that’s good for the planet? Style—we’ve got that in the bag. And now with furoshiki, repurposable just took on a whole new meaning.

Bring it on world. We’re ready to wrap you in all the happy fabric love you can handle. Designed by us. Designed for you.