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Let's get to know each other.


We make things fun and reusable products from recycled plastic bottles. Soon, we will be launching our newest line of wearable and accessories.

 Cool, huh?


Gift Beautifully

Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of furoshiki, wrapping gifts in cloth, Nuno Wrap celebrate the spirit of gift giving with luxurious fabric wraps. Each wrap is specifically designed to look fabulous on any size or shape.

Waste Less

Every holiday season 4 million pounds of gift paper ends up in U.S. landfills. While we love a beautifully wrapped gift as much as the next person, Nuno™ is committed to creating beautiful, reusable and eco-friendly products. 

Have Fun

Ever heard of a gift wrap that can moonlight as a scarf, a purse, and a squirrel hammock? If not, it’s time to rethink wrapping paper. Nuno Wrap™ gift wraps are stylish, fun, and versitile. We'll show you how to make the most of your Wrap.

Feel Good

All Nuno Wrap™ gift wraps are made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles. By choosing an eco-friendly Nuno Wrapfor your gift wrapping, you're giving all of those bottles a second chance. Now that's what we call Wrapped with Love.




Ann and Cassandra first met while in the trenches of NYC agency life. Ready for something new, these creative ladies formed Nuno™ as an outlet to create beautiful things that make a difference.  


Ann Hintze
Founder, Designer, Furoshiki Enthusiast

Ann grew up wrapping and playing with furoshiki, and learned the art of the perfect knot from her mother. She spent the last 10 years in New York as a graphic designer and art director for Fortune 500 companies, and launched Nuno™ to put her design and branding superpowers to use in new and delightful ways. A mother of two, Ann loves nothing more than lukewarm coffee, 2-minute showers, and the occasional food fight.

Cassandra Zimmerman
Founder, Designer, Knot-Tying Guru

Cassandra loves long walks in the park with her furry friends and lending her creative wizardry to good guys and gals. After acquiring a taste for helping non-profits and their causes while helming the decks of branding agencies in New York, Cassandra went rogue to exclusively focus her talents on making the world a better place. Cassandra is thrilled to be back in cahoots with Ann to have fun and minimize embarrassing holiday waste.