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We believe that sustainable products shouldn’t be boring and beige. Every Nuno® product we make is crafted with care, artfully designed to make a splash and are always eco-fabulous.


Waste Less

Us humans buy a million plastic water bottles per minute and only 9% is recycled. Not a cool trend. Nuno® accessories are made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles and designed to be used in a variety of ways.


Have Fun

Nuno® brings colorful, impactful and brilliantly fun designs to every product. We live on the bright side of art and design and love to collaborate with artists who have as much fun as we do. If we ain’t havin’ a good time, what’s the point?

Feel Good

Our thing is sustainable luxury. Nuno®’s exclusive NeoSilk™ fabric is made to look and feel like silk - but is made of recycled plastic. You’re giving bottles a second chance and looking good doing it. Here’s to giving plastic a new prettier life.

Meet the Team


Ann Hintze
Founder, Designer

Ann is drawn to bright colorful things like a moth is drawn to a flame. She just wants more pink and orange in her life, please. But also, she loves living on planet Earth. So, she launched Nuno® to put her graphic design and branding superpowers to use in new and more sustainable ways.

Cassandra Zimmerman
Founder, Designer

After working for design agencies in New York, Cassandra pushed off for new adventures outside of the city. Now you can find Cassandra making sure all of Nuno's products are super cute and full of bright goodness and greenness. 


Megan Allen
Social & Content Guru

Megan’s talents include creating tastefully maximalist collage walls and obtaining obscure injuries. This public relations nerd combines her love for AP Style and disdain for passive voice with customizing Instagram feeds and curating Pinterest boards. You’ll find her in her studio apartment in Ohio or visiting home in Canada and Utah. Simple. (She also enjoys sarcasm.)